The Hawaii Film Challenge


EXTENSION: August 31st 2017!
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We’ve received an overwhelming number of email requests from students to extend our deadline in order for them to still submit. We want encourage film students to participate so will exceptionally extend the deadline until August 31st upon which the submission period will definitively be closed.

The Hawaii Film Challenge is a chance for filmmakers around the world to get inspired and get filming, right here in Hawaii. 

Submit a 10-12 minute short film script of any genre. Your script can take place anywhere in the world – a single room, another world (sci-fi), a big city, anywhere!

Grab your friends + core crew of Director, DP, Editor and Sound! If you’re a writer without a team, then we’ll provide the crew!

The winning writers and/or teams will be flown to Hawaii and housed for 10 days of filming and post-production.

You provide the script. We’ll provide the cast & crew.


What’s Your Story?

Are you passionate about filmmaking? Do you have a story to tell?


Submit a 10-12 minute short film script of any genre, whether it’s a heartbreaking love story or edge-of-your-seat drama. Be innovative, playful, or a total renegade because we’re looking for films that are pure, bold, and insightful.



Top scripts will be chosen based on merit. The number of scripts produced will ultimately depend on the number scripts that qualify. A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 scripts will be produced based on number of qualifying scripts received.